...someplace, where there isn't any trouble? Do you suppose there is such a place, Toto?

Building OpenSSL for Android on Windows with the Visual Studio 2017 native Toolchain and Cygwin

Building OpenSSL is an arcane thing to do sometimes. I have nowhere on the web found a real simple solution to build OpenSSL for Android that met the number one requirement for me: Being able to build on a build host (or development host) that runs Wind… more »

Some more playing with Windows Blue Build 9364...

In my previous post about the multimonitor support for apps and the launcher in Windows Blue Build 9364 I was under the impression, that on Windows Blue, the launcher is always located on monitor 1. Oh boy, I was so wrong! When running Windows Blue wit… more »

Playing with Windows Blue Build 9364

The leaked build of Windows Blue Build 9364 looks a helluva lot like Windows 8 unless you run it on multiple monitors. One major difference, however, is that apps and the launcher can now finally run on different monitors at the same time. Another diffe… more »


... und jetzt in Schönschrift: Das Problem: Ein gemanageder Service (also ein Dienst, ein Daemon in UNIX-Lingo, der mit der .NET runtime läuft, also nicht in nativen Code übersetzt ist) wird vor seinem Start einem Certificate Revocation List Ch… more »

Repurposing the O-Key quick launch touch sensor on the MSI Windpad 110W

  Short story: I have written a piece of software for the MSI windpad 110W that repurposes the touch sensor "O-Key" to work like the windows key. This allows you to use that key in order to flip between Metro Modern UI and desktop. Longer essay: I sti… more »

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