...someplace, where there isn't any trouble? Do you suppose there is such a place, Toto?

Pet project: Creating a fully automated Youtube fishtank livestream using a Raspberry Pi (Part I)

Since now a bit more than 2 years my home has a number of pets that make life a bit more colorful: They live in a decent sized fishtank with a capacity of 240l. more »

Building OpenSSL 3.1.4 for Android with the MS Visual Studio 2022 native toolchain and cygwin

Building OpenSSL has gotten really easy these days and a lot of arcane things that I had to do to build version 1.1.x with cygwin and Visual Studio 2017 or version 1.0.2x are now a thing of the past. One thing I first had to do to build version  3.1.4… more »

Building OpenSSL 3.1.3 for iOS and iPadOS

In order to keep up-to-date I have  rewritten my scripts for an OpenSSL build for iOS/iPadOS. You can find them here and here. more »

Downloading all msdn magazine issues in one fell swoop

Unfortunately, in 2019 the venerable msdn magazine's last issue appeared. In mid nineties I had a subscription of its predecessor, the Microsoft Systems Journal which was later converted into an msdn magazine subscription. For archiving purposes I was l… more »

Building OpenSSL for Android on Windows with the Visual Studio 2017 native Toolchain and Cygwin

Building OpenSSL is an arcane thing to do sometimes. I have nowhere on the web found a real simple solution to build OpenSSL for Android that met the number one requirement for me: Being able to build on a build host (or development host) that runs Wind… more »

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