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Building OpenSSL 3.1.3 for iOS and iPadOS

In order to keep up-to-date I have  rewritten my scripts for an OpenSSL build for iOS/iPadOS. You can find them here and here. Download these files into an empty directory on your Mac and add a decent OpenSSL tarball into this  directory. After that execute

chmod +x build.sh

in this directory followed by


In case you want to build a newer or different version of OpenSSL 3.1x, edit build.sh and change the value for OPENSSLVERSION on line  4 which currently looks like this:


 Change this line to the file name of your tarball without the trailing .tar.gz extension.

I do not know if these scripts also work on an ARM based Mac, I am still working with an Intel based Mac running Mac OS Ventura with XCode  14.3.1. These scripts only build libraries for the two remaining processor architectures relevant for iOS/iPadOS today: x64 and arm64.

The license for these shell scripts of mine is the same as for OpenSSL, so nothing should change for you.